Freddie Dilevi - Teenager's Heartbreak (LP)

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Format: Vinyl, LP, 33 RPM



Side A

  1. Teenager's Heartbreak 
  2. Roll The Dice! (with Dogo)
  3. Johnny Remember Me 
  4. Die Tonight 
  5. I Can't Forgive 
  6. Half A Chance

Side B

  1. Dangerous Game
  2. Young Wilds 
  3. Don't Stop Now 
  4. Let The Good Times Roll
  5. We're Alive
  6. A World So Cruel

Freddie Dilevi is one of the greatest exponents of punk-rock and roll in Spain.

Known for his dominant voice that evokes artists like Roy Orbison, Chris Isaak or Dave Vanian, his style is a mixture of punk rock sounds with a melodic, powerful and sometimes dark voice that fills Freddie Dilevi style with personality.

This singer and songwriter from Seville (Spain) begins this project in 2018 after the split of his first band Freddie & The Filos (2011-2014). His debut album “Teenager's Heartbreak” (Family Spree Recordings, Spain-2018) (Rum Bar Records, USA-2020) was the result of all his compositions during that period of inactivity.

His second album will be released in September '21.


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