The Del Shapiros - "Sangre con Tomate"

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Format: Vinyl, LP, 33 RPM


Side A

1. Woo Woo 

2. Boots 

3. Have you seen 

4. I want to tell you 

5. Josephine 

6. Tell me

Side B

1. Not Free

2. I got someone 

3. Rip 

4. What can I do

5. (I Can) Feed your pride

"Faithful to the tradition of 63-66 british rhythm & blues, The Del Shapiros continue -not adapt- the tradition started by groups like Brian Jones The Rolling Stones, Pretty Things, Sorrows or Syndicats. And never losing sight of another pillar, the 66 American garage.

New LP from The Del Shapiros called "Sangre con Tomate".
Recorded at Circo Perrotti Studios and produced by Jorge Muñoz-Cobo.
There are high caliber cameos: Russell Wilkins(Lord Rochester, Milkshakes, Wildebeests)at harp and guitar and Esteban Hirschfeld(Los Mockers) at organ.

While this new LP keeps on the Shapiros early releases' style (R&B, garage... just listen to "Boots" or "Josephine") it is true that it shows too the "pop" side of the band in a similar way you can see on early Kinks, Mockers, Stones or Milkshakes recordings. Songs like "I got someone" or "Feed your pride" let you know how much they must praise every night to their beloved Lord Tashian...

It is a high caliber production, every detail and every sound was cared and the result is a very good sounding LP with different colors from 60s palette: from R&B to freakbeat to pop to garage...

Come in to a bar and ask for "Sangre con Tomate"!!!!

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